Why shouldn’t you lend someone the key?

Anyone ever seen the film “The Fugitive” – 1993 by Harison Ford; this carelessness action drives a┬ádisaster. The murder has intruded his house & kill his wife. The murder by the home ower key can easily pass the security system of the house.

That’s was a painful experience that nobody for get about that even that’s a film. There’re so many reasons why you shouldn’t lend somebody the key.

  1. The Home key is private asset; it was the way you can enter your house in safe way. Someone who borrow you key can easily make a copy of the key & return you the main key. And they can use the copy ky to intrude your house. This is Security holes.
  2. About the car key is the same. There’re so many car roberry comes from lending the key. Some people feel strange when their key is the best; but why the robber can open the key and take the car. That’s copy key
  3. In some Obligatory stituations; you have to lend some one the key. And you feel unsafe about this. The best way for you is to change the lock when you get the return key

You can use some special key; and it’s difficult for make a copy of key. Some type of key make it difficult to insert in a swax or soap; then it’ll reduce the risk of copy

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