Top 5 Places for You to Hide your Valuable Assets at Home

The top places most thieves look for right after breaking into your home are the bedrooms. The second place is the main bathroom. You can guess why? It’s because most people keep their most valuable belongings here. The thief wants to spend as little time as possible visiting your home. They target certain areas of your home, taking away as much as they can and withdraw as soon as possible. The favorite items of the thieves are: Cash, jewelry, electronic devices (Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and guns. This is the reason why you should hide valuables in places where the thieves never notice, just simply where they must spend a lot of time finding hidden assets or where thieves will never ever think you have hidden valuable things there. Here are the top 5 places to hide valuable assets in your home.

1) Hiding your valuable assets in a random toy in your kid’s room.

A kid’s room can be the best place to hide valuable assets

The kid’s room is known as the place which the thief will never notice. So, kid’s room may be the best place for you to hide valuable things. Thieves probably rarely go into these rooms because they think that there is nothing valuable in here. No thief will try to steal kids ‘toys. Even if the clever thieves decide to search for valuable assets here, they will have to spend a huge amount of time examining every toy. Time consuming activities are the last thing a thief want because the longer he stays, the more dangers he will encounter.

2) Wrapping your valuable belongings with silver papers (Look like food) and store in the fridge (or the kitchen).

When breaking into the house, it doesn’t make sense of opening the fridge or entering the kitchen because the thieves want to look for valuable things, not food. The kitchen is the place for cooking and it have so many drawers, cabinets here. Even if the thieves decide to search for things in the kitchen, it will take them a long time searching everything here. And the thieves also don’t want to look for valuable things in a place storing only food such as the fridge. Even if they open the fridge, they cannot see anything more than food and packaged food in silver papers. It is less likely that they will fetch each package of food in your refrigerator. So, wrapping your valuable belongings with silver papers and store in the fridge while the fridge is placed inside the kitchen may be the most effective scenario to hide your valuable belongings.
3) Burying your assets under the soil in an artificial flower pot.

What does a thief want? He wants valuable assets, not artificial flower pots no matter how beautiful the flower is. The thief wants your artificial flower pots only if he is a flower lover and you are a well-known gardener (In this case, your artificial flower pot must have high value). Maybe he will pick up your artificial flower pots on the way out.

4) Hiding your assets in your disguised electric sockets.

A thief likely to ignore any electric sockets because he doesn’t want to charge anything such as his smartphone or tablet, which make a disguised electrical wall outlet an incredible place to store valuable things. You should consider leaving a small place on your home wall so that you can keep a fair number of valuable things and then put a disguised electrical wall outlet forward. The possibility that a thief has a screwdriver in their hand and open every electrical outlet is very low.

5) Storing valuable things in a Mason Jar the toilet flushing tank.

This idea may sound ridiculous. But you can count on it because that’s the perfect place to hide things. Actually, no thief will go to the toilet room because he doesn’t want to waste his time here. And no thief will pick up the lid of the toilet flushing tank to see if there is anything valuable inside unless he is a bit crazy.
If you are researching some places to hide your valuables for a long time, these are the top five places to hide them. Even if the thief can bypass your home security system, it’s still nearly impossible for him to search for anything valuable in your house because your valuable things are strategic hidden in incredible places. And remember, storing your assets in these above top 5 places is even safer than storing your valuables in the safe.

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