Defeat HomesThieves with the Smart Automatic Lighting System

A clever thief will choose his target house carefully by observing the house for a long time, maybe for days. If he knows there is nobody home or the family has gone travelling, he will break in with ease. The clearest proof of the situation the house is left vacant is when there is no light in the house for a long time. On the other hand, lighting in the house is a sign that there are people staying in the house.

The thieves are not likely to break in a house that have light and they may change target. But when you go on a long vacation, leaving the light on for days or months will still not keep your home safe. If the light is always on for few days, the thief may notice that the house is left vacant and the owner forget to turn off the light or leave the light on on purpose. In this case, the thief will break in actually. So, the more convincing evidence of someone staying in the house is that the light is turned on and off a few times a day.

This method is called strategic lighting, which can prevent clever thieves from breaking in. But what will happen when your family go on a long vacation or when you are going on a business trip and you cannot ask anyone to look after your home when you are away? Who will turn the light on and off during the day to avoid burglary? How can you keep your house safe when no one is at home? The best way to keep your home safe when there is nobody staying at home is to appear as there is still someone at home. So, a Smart Automatic Lighting System is the answer to these questions.

Lighting inside and outside the house is a great way to protect your home from thieves

When mentioning a Smart Automatic Lighting System, I am referring to a timer lighting system (to prevent the burglars from breaking in) in combination with an Anti-Theft sensor integrated with lighting devices (to scare off the thieves if they break in).
Firstly, let’s have a look at some existing timer lighting systems. Nowadays, in the market, there are a lot of automatic lighting systems having various functions. For example, the Light Switch Timer can turn on and off any wall switches several times a day. The uTimer Sensor LED Light and Lamp Controller can automatically turn the light on when the sun goes down. While the Heavy Duty Digital 7 Day Timer Switch is capable of controlling all sorts of lighting in the house and even the radios (It can turn on and off any lighting devices and radios several times a day). These automatic lighting systems can light your house strategically when you are away from home, which can prevent burglary to occur.
The question is whether a timer lighting system is all you need to keep your home safe when you are far away from home? Do we really need an additional Anti-Theft sensor integrated with warning alert? The answer is that a timer lighting system is still not enough. Imagine that smarter thieves may be acknowledge of the automatic lighting system. They can observe your home for days or even months and notice that the light in your home is always switched on at exactly 9:20 P.M every day. Then they may recognize that this is only an automatic lighting system which is capable to turning on the light without any real people staying in the house.

Then they may decide to break in and take away valuable assets without getting caught (Because there is actually no one in the house). The solution to this situation is that getting an automatic lighting system having the random function: Turn the light on and off at random times during the night. But what will happen when the burglars still decide to break in? Can the automatic lighting systems scare them off? The answer is no. The thieves are only scare when the light is turn on right after the moment they break in. And that is the main function of an additional Anti-Theft sensor integrated with warning light (to scare off the thief).
The illustration below describes a motion sensor combined with an interior Lamp

In this scenario, if the thief broke into the side yard, the motion sensor would detect there is movement in the side yard and sent signal to the LampLinc switch. The LampLinc switch then turned on the interior lamp immediately. In this case, when the thief saw the light inside the house, he would be scared enough to run away because he didn’t want to be recognized by the home owner and spend years in prison.
In conclusion, timer lighting system is a security factor that can prevent most burglars from breaking in. But if the thief is riskier (or smarter) and dare to break into the house, an additional Anti-Theft sensor integrated with lighting alert is enough to scare him off. A Smart Automatic Lighting System, a timer lighting system combined with an Anti-Theft sensor integrated with warning lighting devices, is perfect to keep your home safe when you are away.

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