Protect your home from the Risk of Murder

The world seens tobe unsafe everywhere, and now even in your own house. There’s plenty of thread which in a bad day, it can happends and make you unbelievable. The bad people can break in you house to take the valuable things, it’s more dangerous when they can kill you or family members in unexpected situation.

So is there a way to protect yourself and get immediate SOS from loved ones, neighbors, and other authorities when there is a risk of harm or a break-in to your family?

    1. If you have good finance, just buy a house in a authorized new urban

What’s authorized new urban? you might care. Authorized new urban is a complex living space, there’re group of people live in an area. There’s security system with camera, guard man, all the place you live has been protect by them. Everywhen someone want to login this Authorized new urban, they have to expose personal cetification.

security guard

2. Hire security man for your house

If you ever seen the film “true lies 1994”; you can see that the first movie scene , the security staff equipped with Professional dog and machine guns. Dogs can detect every moments & sound in the yard in the dark of midnight as the best.

The tips for you is that to keep a dog to protect you house better.

3. Install seccurity camera equipment

In the digital technology trend, the camera is no stranger to families who have the ability to record and save images where they need to be seen, the camera is now the preferred device for managing facilities. The factory, tracking the maid and keeping a record of the intruders in the home.

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