What’s the most Popular Entry for Burglars intruding your House?

In the U.S, there is a burglary occurring every 14.6 seconds, which means there are approximately 6000 thefts a day in this country. Each burglary can take away an average value of $1,725. So, there are about 2,100,000 thefts annually in the U.S, and a total loss of 3.7 billion USD due to thievery. We can have a look at the below figure for a more accurate statistic of burglary in the U.S in 2012:

burglaries by numbers
U.S burglary statistic in 2012

There is also a more interesting fact that 90% of the thefts are not solved in the U.S. Even if you remember the thief’s face and call the police, then you report the stolen items and how the theft looks like to the police officer; a report will be made but nothing else will happen. You have nearly no chance to get your stolen assets back. Just image how many people have never seen how and who stole their assets and how much more difficult would it be to capture and identify the theft then? If there are no proper home safety precautions and home security systems, then your home is possibly a good target for intruders.
The list below contains the most common entries that thieves are likely to use:

1) Front Door (34% theft cases): This is a strange fact but your front door is the most favorite entrance of thieves. You may raise a question how dare a thief enter your house using the front door during daytime? Well, the answer lies in the old saying “The most dangerous place is the safest place”. While using the front door during daytime, your neighbors and everyone else outside the house can see the theft but no one notices him. If he dresses normally without wearing mask or black glasses, nobody will think he is a thief. The best easy scenario for the thief is when you are leaving your house vacant and forgetting to lock the front door (and there is also no dog in the house). If this scenario happens, the thief will get in, taking any valuable assets and get out easily without any difficulties. It is much harder for him when the door is locked or when you have a guard dog in your home. When he is trying to unlock your front door, or busy distracting your dog, he may gain some unwanted notices of your neighbors. But I have seen a case of more professional thieves. In this case, the thieves dressed as workers and drove a truck, then parked it in front of the house to block the view of the neighbors or anyone else. After that, they broke into the house, stole two motorbikes and moved them into the truck. Then they left without any notices of any neighbors.

2) First-floor Windows (23% cases): They are your favorite windows which receives the beautiful rays of the suns during the day but they are also the favorite entry of the thieves. Why so? Because this is an easy way to gain entry to your house. Most people do not realize the importance of locking the first-floor windows. The thieves know that and they will take advantage of this fact. Just imagine how easy it is to break into your home with an unlocked first-floor window.

3) Back door (22% cases): The back door of your house is often not in the sight of neighbors or vehicles passing by, which makes it an ideal entry point for a thief. You may think that it is not that important to lock the back doors when you have a fence or a guard dog out there. But it is as important as locking any windows or front doors in your house.

4) Garage and second-floor windows (9% cases): The garage and second-floor windows can be the less common entry point for the intruders but the thieves will take advantage of every opportunity they have to break in your home or gain entry to the bedroom where most people keep their valuable assets. That’s why closing and locking your garage door is important, as well as the upstairs windows.

When windows and front doors are the most common entry points of thieves, you should never assume that locking them is enough to prevent thieves from breaking in. You should have more preventive measures such as the security system, monitoring system, anti-theft alarms or if your home with garden, you can light it up with led garden light. You may also seek for professional consultation from a home security expert, home security company or a police officer.

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