Infrared Anti-Theft Technology

Nowadays, a busy adult has to work and look after his family and property at the same time. The minimal working time is 8 hours / day, which means that the home is left vacant for at least 8 hours / day. Thefts may occur when all the family members are absent from home or when everyone is asleep. How can a busy adult both stay at workplace and look after his home at the same time during day time? Or how can the house be prevented from burglary when everyone is sleeping at late night? This is the reason why anti-theft technologies come to existence. In this article, a very popular anti-theft technology is introduced. It is the Infrared Anti-theft technology.
What are Infrared Anti-Theft Devices?
Infrared Anti-theft devices are the devices which operate basing on infrared rays come from objects. From the data gathered, the devices can detect abnormal activities to send alerts to the owner.
But at first, we have to know what infrared ray is.

So, what is Infrared Ray?

Infrared ray is a kind of light ray that looks like the light we see every day but has a slightly higher wavelength which is between 700 and 1000 nm. Humans cannot see the infrared light but some animals and some special people can see this kind of light.

Any objects that has the temperature greater than 0 kelvin degrees can produce infrared rays. So, a normal human with a 37 C degree temperature will emit specific infrared light, too. The infrared anti-theft devices operate basing on that principle.

The below image shows a man using an infrared scanning application from his smart phone to scan his face.

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Besides anti-theft devices, infrared technology can be applied in night vision equipment such as CCTV or night vision infrared binocular / camera / glasses. As you can see from the picture below, a complete image of a room with a man is captured using a night vision camera while there is no light in this room.

How Infrared Anti-theft devices work?
Like infrared CCTV cameras, each Infrared Anti-theft device is equipped with an infrared sensor eye which emits a wavelength in an angle of about 90 degrees within 5 to 10 meters. When an object like a human being moves through the device, it will catch the infrared ray of the object.

Infrared rays from the object will be analyzed by the equipment to determine whether it is a threat or not, if yes, an alarm is triggered and the home owner will be informed.
The Components of an Infrared Anti-Theft Device
• Infrared Sensor Eye: The most important component of the system which can emit or receive infrared light.
• Processor: This component will receive signal from the Infrared Sensor Eye and it will analyze data in order to control different types of alarms such as light or siren.
• Alarm Mechanic: When triggered, the alarms can come in many forms such as light, bell, siren or even dog barking to scare off the thieves. The alarm system can also inform the home owner or the police when triggered.
• Remote Control: The home owner can use this control can turn on or turn off the system when he is away from home.
Some Notes when Installing Anti-Theft Infrared System
Firstly, you should learn to think like a thief. If you want to break into this house, which way or which door, which method you will use? What the easiest and the fastest way to break into your house is. Is it your front door or windows? If you can answer these questions, you will know where infrared devices should be installed.

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One weakness of an anti-theft system is that it will not work when there is a power failure. A burglar may take advantage of this point. The thief will easily enter the house if the power supply of the house is turned off. This vulnerability is particularly prevalent with apartments having power supply placed outside.

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