Facilities for a Smart Home Security System

In the 21st century, most of the houses remain empty as both husband and wife go to work. So a professionally installed smart home security system makes your house a bit safer and gives you peace of mind as you and anyone else would know that a potential trouble is detected. A smart home security system would inform you by a phone call and email if you have any intruder at your home or if there is any signs of fire and water leakage.

The advantages of installing a Home security system-

1. Protects valuables: This benefit is the first one we could think of. The home security system has an alarm which would inform you, your neighbors and the police if there is any burglar in your home.
2. Deters crime: Rutgers made a study that, the increased number of home security system in an area made the area safer as the burgling decreased in that area. Even the houses without any security system were safe.
3. Allows Remote access to your home: The modern security system allows you to monitor your home wherever you are. You can always monitor the activities at your home via the security cameras installed throughout your home. You can also control the door locks, lights, thermostat and other devices by your home security system.
4. Watches the kids: You can watch your kids via your provider’s mobile app. So you would always know who your kids are inviting at your home. If you have access to the automatic door lock, you can unlock the door automatically to let the kids in and then lock out the door to let your kids be safe inside the house.
5. Improves Electricity management: Smart home security system enables you to switch on and off many home appliances literally from anywhere in the world. So you don’t need to worry about which appliance is on, you can check it by yourself and switch them off.
6. Peace of mind: This is the greatest gift the smart security system gives the home owners. You can always have the confidence of being safe and feeling safe with the security system protecting your home.

Some features any smart home should have-

1. Panic button: Panic buttons are very simple and easiest way to call for help if there is any emergency you have to face. Panic buttons are usually installed at the easily accessible area like the bedside. After pressing it, the panic button sends a signal to the building management system.
2. SOS request: You can install various types of sensors throughout your home. If something triggers the system, it will send a signal to the building automation system and start an alarm to alert everyone. The monitoring senders can immediately send the police or the fire bridged.
3. Alert and Even management: After you leave home, the security cameras detect any intruders and alert the home automation system. The security guards would be notified of the door number. The system will automatically save the history of the intrusion.
4. Dialing and notification: The security system allows you to set many SOS contact numbers. Different types of alarm would trigger different sets of contact numbers. The smart home owners can also set the alarm system to send the notifications to the registered mobile number.It will always be a good idea to integrate your Smartphone with your security systems like video camera, finger print scanner or voice scan. So owner can be notified if there are some movements being happened at their home. You can see who is coming at your home while working at your workplace, you will get notification and you can have the video or images of the person also who is entering. Dialing or sms both option are available here. This way you will always feel to close at your home.
5. Integration of the home appliances: After the home owners leave the house and set the alarm system that turns off all the appliances. After the home owner comes back to the house, the user could disarm the alarm system and the security system turns on the lights and makes the sensors go offline. The smoke detector and the indoor gas alarm always remain online.
6. Smart lock: You won’t have to worry about forgetting your key when you would install the smart lock. The smart lock is quick and easy to install. You could open your smart lock via your smartphone. You can also give others access to the smart lock from anywhere in the world.
7. Installing Glass break detector: The glass break detector always works as it alerts the user if there is any break into your home or anyone who tries to temper your glass window.

Having the security system in your home gives your abode an extra layer of protection against the intruders. You can rent your security system or you can buy one. But with this security system, you can sleep with peace in your mind that your home is completely safe.

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