Infrared Anti-Theft Technology

home security

Nowadays, a busy adult has to work and look after his family and property at the same time. The minimal working time is 8 hours / day, which means that the home is left vacant for at least 8 hours / day. Thefts may occur when all the family members are absent from home or when everyone is asleep. … [Read more...]

What’s the most Popular Entry for Burglars intruding your House?

In the U.S, there is a burglary occurring every 14.6 seconds, which means there are approximately 6000 thefts a day in this country. Each burglary can take away an average value of $1,725. So, there are about 2,100,000 thefts annually in the U.S, and a total loss of 3.7 billion USD due to thievery. We can have a look at the below figure for a more accurate statistic of burglary … [Read more...]

Protect your home from the Risk of Murder

The world seens tobe unsafe everywhere, and now even in your own house. There's plenty of thread which in a bad day, it can happends and make you unbelievable. The bad people can break in you house to take the valuable things, it's more dangerous when they can kill you or family members in unexpected situation. So is there a way to protect yourself and get immediate SOS … [Read more...]