Infrared Anti-Theft Technology

home security

Nowadays, a busy adult has to work and look after his family and property at the same time. The minimal working time is 8 hours / day, which means that the home is left vacant for at least 8 hours / day. Thefts may occur when all the family members are absent from home or when everyone is asleep. … [Read more...]

What’s the most Popular Entry for Burglars intruding your House?

In the U.S, there is a burglary occurring every 14.6 seconds, which means there are approximately 6000 thefts a day in this country. Each burglary can take away an average value of $1,725. So, there are about 2,100,000 thefts annually in the U.S, and a total loss of 3.7 billion USD due to thievery. We can have a look at the below figure for a more accurate statistic of burglary … [Read more...]

Facilities for a Smart Home Security System

video camera system with phone

In the 21st century, most of the houses remain empty as both husband and wife go to work. So a professionally installed smart home security system makes your house a bit safer and gives you peace of mind as you and anyone else would know that a potential trouble is detected. A smart home security system would inform you by a phone call and email if you have any intruder at your … [Read more...]